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0. Legal disclaimers

The website referred to in these terms of use and listed below belongs to Collevio CVBA, company number 0670.462.515 with registered office at Gentse Steenweg 1434, 1082 Sint-Agatha-Berchem.

The contact details of the person responsible for the website and its content are as follows:

Collevio CVBA, company number 0670.462.515, with registered office at Gentse Steenweg 1434, 1082 Sint-Agatha-Berchem.

This website is managed and hosted by: Xenius.

1. Accepting the general terms of use 

By accessing this website and our applications, by visiting or using them, whether this be for personal use and/or on behalf of a legal entity for whom you are acting as a representative, intermediary or employee, you formally and unreservedly agree to the general terms mentioned below.

Collevio CVBA may freely and at any time change the general terms in order to adapt to changes in service and/or use. As a result, we invite you to consult them during each visit in order to be up-to-date with the latest version. The latest version is always available on the Collevio CVBA website and in its applications.

By using the services offered by Collevio CVBA you automatically completely and unreservedly accept all of the general terms. Access to certain services may also be subject to the full and complete acceptance of the specific terms of use, which may be added to these general terms.

2. Description of services provided

The site aims to provide information on all company activities. Collevio CVBA provides information which is as correct as possible on the site

However, it may not be held responsible for any omissions, inaccuracies or missing information in updates, whether of its own doing or through information supplied by third parties. All information featuring on the site is provided for information purposes and is subject to change. Furthermore, information appearing on the site is not exhaustive. It is subject to change after appearing online.

2a Terms of use

Only members/affiliates of Collevio CVBA who have subscribed may access and use Collevio’s “online shop” web service.

To access the online service, you will receive a personal login and password.

You are solely responsible for keeping your login and password confidential and for any action performed with your login and/or password. You agree unreservedly (1) to immediately inform Collevio CVBA of any unauthorised use of your account and/or of your password and/or security breach, and (2) to ensure that when you exit each session you disconnect properly from the website.

Collevio CVBA may under no circumstances be held responsible for any loss or damage arising due to a failure to comply with the obligations described in this paragraph. Data we currently hold and/or data you provide us with by accessing and using our online service is subject to Collevio CVBA’s Privacy Notice, which can be found here (Dutch) or here (French).

3. Contractual limitations regarding technical data

Collevio CVBA may not be held responsible for any material damage arising from using its website. Furthermore, the user undertakes to access the site using recent hardware which does not contain viruses and the latest generation up-to-date browser.

4. Intellectual rights

All the features and information accessible on the website, as well as the structure and layout (text, photographs, images, icons, videos, software, databases, data, etc.) are protected by Collevio CVBA’s intellectual property rights subject to the rights of third parties.

Collevio CVBA’s names and logos appearing on the website are protected trademarks and/or trade names. The trademark Collevio CVBA may not be used in relation to products or services which are identical to those belonging to Collevio CVBA. The trademark Collevio CVBA or any other identical or similar sign may not be used in relation to products or services which are identical or similar to those belonging to Collevio CVBA where its use causes a risk of confusion to consumers or which devalues or discredits Collevio CVBA.

Unless the user receives explicit authorisation, they may not under any circumstances copy, reproduce, translate, represent, modify, pass on, publish, adapt, distribute, circulate, sub license, transfer, or sell, on any media, by any means, or exploit in any way, all or part of the website without prior written permission from Collevio CVBA. Any infringement may result in civil and criminal proceedings.

5. Limitation of liability

Collevio CVBA may not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to the user’s hardware, whilst accessing the site, resulting from hardware which does not respond to the the specifications indicated in point 4, from a bug or from incompatibility. Collevio CVBA also may not be held responsible for any indirect damage (such as, for example, loss of business or loss of opportunity) occurring as a consequence of having used the site Interactive areas (where users can ask questions in a contact area) are available to users. Collevio CVBA reserves the right to delete, without prior notification, any content in this area which violate relevant Belgian law, particularly the rules relating to data protection. Where necessary, Collevio CVBA also reserves the right to accuse the user of civil and/or criminal liability, particularly in the case of racist, defamatory or pornographic messages, in any form (text, photography), and to delete these messages from the site.

6. Use of cookies

Collevio CVBA only uses cookies which present a low risk to the user, which according to the Electronic Communications Act of 13 June 2005 (ECA) do not require user consent.

However, as required under article 129, 1 of the Electronic Communications Act of 13 June 2005, Collevio CVBA wishes to inform visitors to is site of the use of cookies. Cookies are small text files which are recorded on the user's computer hard drive. They contain information such as user language preferences, so it knows not to provide this information during a future visit to the same site. Some cookies allow graphics to display fully and others allow an internet application to work properly. If you would not like a website to install cookies on your computer, you can reconfigure your browser.

How to deactivate cookies

If you would like to block cookies, you can do so using your browser.

When you deactivate cookies, be aware that some graphics will not display properly or you may not be able to use certain applications.

7. Links to other sites

This website may contain hyperlinks to other sites as well as referrals to other sources of information, made available for information purposes only. Collevio CVBA does not control these sites or the information they contain and cannot therefore guarantee that the information is reliable and exhaustive. Collevio CVBA does not accept any responsibility for any unsuitable, illegitimate or illegal content present on these sites or the damage caused by visiting them.

Collevio CVBA cannot guarantee that these websites have a privacy policy complying with the law from 8 December 1992 relating to the protection of privacy regarding data processing and with EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 relating to the protection of physical people with regards to personal data processing and the free movement of data. Users are therefore invited to check themselves by consulting the privacy notices on each site.

If you would like to create a hyperlink from your site to Collevio CVBA’s site, please first contact the web master who will let you know as soon as possible if it is possible.

8. Contacts

You can send comments, suggestions or any questions via the contact form or by post to the following address:

Collevio CVBA

Gentse Steenweg 1434

1082 Sint-Agatha-Berchem


Sluisweg 2 bus 4

9000 Gent

9. Dispute resolution

These terms of use are governed by Belgian law. Any dispute arising from, or linked to the use of this service, will be subject to mediation. If this fails, the dispute will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels (Belgium). Collevio CVBA reserves the right to sue before another competent court if it deems appropriate.