We offer a total solution. By focussing on mental wellbeing, exercise, nutrition and sleep. From Absenteeism to Self-respect!


We want to get to know your workplace, your employees and your company culture. We can already achieve a lot just by being there and by questioning the employees. We can assess their specific needs, how they deal with stress, why they are often sick… But it doesn’t stop there! We will also help you, as HR professionals, by giving you insight into these results and requirements, and by supporting you throughout the whole process.

Action plan

Once we have collected all the data and set up realistic goals, we’ll go ahead with the drawing up and implementation of an action plan. The result is the creation of behavioural change in the employees. How do we do this? By implementing our four pillars: mental wellbeing, exercise, nutrition and sleep. We can't stress it enough, we’re sure about our business!


We won’t leave you to your own devices! Throughout the whole process we will provide you and your employees with access to our online platform. On it your employees will gain insight into their personal development, and you will get a view of the whole picture. You will have access to our media library and the tools that will support you to set up new initiatives.

We work on the basis of 4 themes

Awareness raising



Mental Balance

In every way, Wellways is much more than what you can read above. If we were to write down everything, it wouldn’t be good for your fingers and neck… because ergonomics is also a part of healthy living!

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